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Passenger Information Request Questionnaire
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Our reasoning for you the visitor to complete this questionnaire!

• We receive many letters from potential clients. Most of these letters request "more information" or "information on our passenger services".
The sales staff needs to know precisely what data you need to know that is not contained within our web site.
We sincerely want to assist the potential guest with the finest in customer service and answer their questions.
By completing the questionnaire below we’ll be better informed to properly respond to your important information request for more information.
The data within our web site is a virtual brochure of our passenger services.

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How did you learn about our firm?
What length of trip do you wish to participate in? Day Trip, Full Weekend or mid week trip?
f a group of 15 or more guests what is the name of your organization?
How many guests will be in attendance?
What outdoor activities (outfitting) do you enjoy participating in, if any?
Which of our scheduled year round trips interests you the most?
Where will you begin your trip?
Do you have children traveling with you that are between the ages of 2-15 yrs?
Are you only interested in one day trips and tours?
Do you wish to participate within a mystery theater presentation trip?
Did you know we operate a variety of fall foliage trips beginning in late September running thru late October?
Did you know we are not Amtrak?
Did you know our services operate year round?
Did you know we operate full weekend mini vacations year round?
Did you know we’re celebrating our 13th anniversary this year (2008)?

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