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Live Audience Participation, Professional Mystery Theater & Regional Musical Entertainment On Selected Rail Tours...

FAQ - Live, Audience Participation, Theater Services

Remember That We Produce Our Theaters Both On and Off the Train -- Nationwide Services!

Is it true that the Murder Mystery Theater Presentations can promote various products or services?

Yes, in fact, we have successfully marketed and promoted a wide range of industries, organizations and business interests from complicated pharmaceutical products to highly technical manufacturing processes. Our mystery theater productions take the mystery out of training and educating staff, clients, vendors or the general public on the benefits of a specific product or service. So if your interests are simple fun and entertainment or serious business development, we can help you accomplish your objectives.

What makes your Murder Mystery Theater Presentations totally unique from other theater productions?

Everyone gets into the act with our full audience participation formats. Guest starring roles to members are welcomed and encouraged. We perform our theater in the midst of the audience without the benefit of a stage.

What is a Mountain State Murder Mystery ™ ?

A Mountain State Murder Mystery is first and foremost gravelyentertaining. We are an audience participation and fully-interactive theatrical company with primary offices located within the Mountain State of West Virginia. Each party and event is provided a theme, and guests are encouraged to attend in period or character costumes.

Is it necessary for our group to expend a lot of time in the organization and planning of the event?

That really depends on your organization and the members in it. You can do as much or as little as you wish. If you prefer, we can do it all for you so you and your group can sit back and enjoy the show.

How long does an event like this usually last?

The shows can be as short as one and one-half hours or as long as an entire weekend. Most of our theaters are four hours in length to engage a reception, dinner, show and awards ceremony for the guests in attendance. You be the judge and determine how long you want it to be.

We like the Murder Mystery Theater Event, but what other types of events can you plan for us?

You be the judge and select from luncheon or dinner parties, matinees, "just desserts" parties, retirement, birthday, special anniversaries, corporate or personal, conventions, seminars, conferences, corporate launch of new products or services, or Halloween costume parties. As you can see, the event possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Where do you perform the Theater?

Hotels, conference centers, civic arenas, meeting or banquet halls, boats, trains, ocean liners, outdoor parks or arenas... Heck, we can even perform aboard a plane.

Is it true that you can perform these theaters on-board a train? If so, how?

Well, all we can say is that the best chefs never reveal their secret ingredients. Some things in life must be experienced to truly enjoy them. We have been successfully performing our theaters before thousands of guests for nearly six years now. The recipe stays the same with some minor adjustments to suit the taste of the client.

Is it essential for every guest to be involved in the performance?

No, not at all. We typically provide a select number of special parts for the guests to play out their love of Hollywood. Many people prefer to be the detectives and others just enjoy watching the others have fun.

How can a little murder be good for business?

Fresh, new and unique entertainment and educational methods for employees, vendors and suppliers always pay off in added dividends for the growth of your business.

What is the largest group of people you can effectively entertain at one time?

We are unique in that we can effectively and efficiently entertain up to 500 guests at a time in a performance. We know of no other theater group in the world that can duplicate our proven business and theatrical models.

Is there a minimum group size for one of your theater productions?

Regrettably, yes. A minimum group size of 50 - 75 is a must for us to accomplish our appointed rounds. Smaller groups can be accommodated by special arrangement.

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