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Our guests prepare to climb aboard the train at one
of the historic canopied stations utilized during our rail tours.

Discover the Adventure!

Imagine all the excitement and adventure of a modern day rail tour that transports you and your guests into an era of decades gone by. You will experience a simpler time when rail travel was King. A time when who you were, was far more important that what you did for a living.

Experience the magic of our friendly, capable and knowledgeable staff that treats our guests like long lost family. See a region full of fascinating historic sights, architecture, native cultures and wildlife from your comfortable accommodations aboard one of our rail tours/excursions. Enjoy the finest in selected local and regional lodging facilities that depict the cultural and historic values of your selected destination.

Our unique combination of travel options and services provide exceptional travel values for our valued guests of all ages.

Imagine the rolling plains of the upper Midwest or the Mountains of West Virginia where on a clear day you can almost see forever. The majesty of the mighty Ohio River with its' history and commerce richly dovetailed into the communities we pass through on our train adventure. Consider the simple elegance and rustic unspoiled wilderness of "The New River Gorge National River Recreation Area," commonly referred to as "the grand canyon of the East," with all its' fantastic outfitting adventures and scenic Appalachian Mountain vistas. Select the Blue Ridge Mountains or Shenandoah Valley to relive Americas' historic past from colony, to statehood to nation.

The railroad right of ways our rail tours traverse today, were laid out in the 18th and 19th Centuries. The choice routes selected by the rail baron pioneers' survey teams, run along past the houses, farms and fields, through tiny communities and major metropolitan areas nonexistent 150 - 200 years ago. Including vast stretches of relatively unspoiled wilderness. These are the many landscapes, textures, corners and regions of America we travel too. We cordially invite you to come see and enjoy with us!


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